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Facebook Tool Will Support Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs

Facebook Tool Will Support Women Entrepreneurs

In this article we’ll discuss about facebook tool will support Women Entrepreneurs. With the growth of digitalization, expansion of online shopping websites and other businesses jumping into digital. Giants like Facebook and Google are helping its users to utilize their services to make a mark in the digital landscape and helping them expands their businesses efficiently.


Recently Facebook has announced to launch a new tool for female entrepreneurs which will help them grow their businesses by connecting, sharing queries and answers, finding support and collaborate with others via this tool. The tool is named “Community Finder” was announced on International Women’s day under a program called #SheMeansBusiness which was established in 2006 by Facebook. Women EntrepreneursThe Community Finder Tool will be a place where female entrepreneurs can connect with others in order to expand and get help for their new business. Facebook believes in empowering women. Furthermore, Facebook revealed that forty percent of active groups are created by women and seventy percent of fundraisers were created by females. Women of all ages create groups and pages to discuss issues related to professional and personal life. There are the various business run by women on Facebook like:

Online shopping stores
Selling makeup and beauty products
Blogging and Vlogging and many others.

Facebook has also highlighted some success stories of women entrepreneur to encourage and motivate others by their stories.

When Facebook launched such a platform for their users to grow their business, so did Google. Google launched a search engine to search jobs across the globe and help professionals and students to find a best suitable job.


Google launched Google Careers, a separate search engine purely dedicated to search jobs in any country of the world. The tool helps in finding a job by role, division, location etc.The platform is helping the organization to hire best candidates and save time.
Google Careers is powered by artificial intelligence which makes it smart and time saving for candidate and employer both. For now, Google Career is not in direct competition with hiring platforms like LinkedIn or Monster because the employer cannot directly post the job on Google Career, maybe in future Google may look and work for this feature.
The Google platform, for now, connects the candidate with employers through search, like the normal search engine brings out the results from its database.
When a candidate searches for a job artificial intelligence cuts down all the duplicate job posting across the internet and its machine learning algorithms categorize and shift through them. This only shows up results which are matched with the candidate desired job.

The two giants are continuously striving to improve user experience by providing new and easy ways to manage everyday tasks. Google has various services like:
Google search engine, AdWords, AdSense, Chrome, Hangout, Gmail, Google Scholar, Google Shopping, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Play, Google Store, Google Classroom, Google Voice, Google Cloud and various others which are used by people across the globe for personal and business purposes. Furthermore, these giants has their research and development departments which continuously experiment new products and test them on beta version, Google X is well-known for its research and new product development. Majority of the world’s business rely on these giants one way or the other, for instance think of Uber – they uses the Google Maps for navigation and now Google AI is making a mark in the industry.

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