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Fascinating Seo Tools Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

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 Fascinating Seo Tools Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

Greetings to all of you, you people would have come across to the time when you were required to solve your problems, but you cannot do it appropriately` and efficiently without the proper seo tools. Tools are essential regarding the most of the work but remember war cannot be won by weapons but the humans. In the same way, you can allow yourself to do proper Search Engine optimization only when you can have the required tools with you. In the previous article about SEO, I have told you about the importance of it and its requirements. [BackLINK here]. So today I will tell you about many tools, and then you have to choose yourself about tools which help you better.

Googe Page Speed Insight

The popular SEO tool is the google page speed insight. It measures the performance of your website. It takes your web URL with both as a mobile user agent and as a desktop uses. What it checks the performance applied to your site is the best practice or not. It also provides a score between 0 to 100 and categorizes into three types as a good, needs work and poor. The main quality of this tool is that it checks the performance speed independent of network speed

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Google Analytics API

This Google Analytics tool is used to analyze data and stats about the website. It can give you in the form of excel file and Google Docs. Seo ToolsIt tracks and reports you about the traffic on your site and tracks. Google Analytics is now the most widely used analytics on the web analytics service present on the internet. It is available in two different versions which are Google Analytics 360 and Google Analytics for mobile Apps. The Google Analytics for a mobile app is an SDK that captures data from IOS and Android applications.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is the paid tool which tells you many things about SEO. It is an expensive tool and costs you about 99$/month, and it provides you many features like Web site errors, SEO  competitive research and SEO opportunities. It also gives the user better quality data to do the work. It can take you to the successful SEO and can save your time so that you can work on the strategy for the results.

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It is built for the SEO and SEM professionals, and it analyzes data on more than 130 million domains and greater than 800 million keywords. It technically audit SEO, backlinks review and analytics, position tracking and much more. It gives ideas on acquiring more traffic and also Ads strategy analysis and also keep an eye on cross-group negative optimization. It also changes and adjusts content based on the engagement of data. Plus point of this is that it also discover trending posts.


MozCast uses the theme of weather reporting and tells you many aspects of the changes in the Google algorithms over the yesterday or the last five days. It gives you the insights of you SEO that tells you how you can improve your ranking based o SERP features. It gives you daily report about changes in the Google rankings.

Google Search Console

Google search console which was previously known as Google Webmaster. It is a free web service provided by Google for webmasters. It checks the indexing of the website and optimizes its visibility. It helps the people to track issues with the site. It also tells the user that if malware has infected them. Before getting started with this service, first, you have to verify your site into this service. It also checks and adjusts the crawl rate, and it also gives you detail list of link external and internal sites in it. It also provides you with the keywords which let the site into the SERP.      

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Google Trends

This is one of my favorite tools. Google trend is a free service provided to people through which we can find what people search in the Google most. Google Trends tells about many searches for the people based on their particular countries. Through this tool, you can also go to explore option and type your topic and find its importance among people. The tool will guide many individuals to chose that which matter they should go for and gather traffic on their website. It has many countries of which top searches are available.

Anchor text over Optimization

After the Google Penguin update in 2012, you can not have exact anchor text use in your site. Many individuals face this problem of anchor text over optimization. Now you can prevent yourself from hitting by Penguin algorithm by using the tools. One of the names of tool is the <a href=> remove’em  </a>. In this way, by using any Anchor text over optimization tool, you can make your site free from the Penguin attack. Oh no. It is coming.

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URL Shortener Seo Tools

URL shortener is a good practice to use when it comes to giving short URL to the public. It also optimizes your links across channels. Moreover, It tracks link analytics and gathers an audience. The two favorite URL shorteners are and

Bing Webmaster Tool

Similar to the Google webmaster tool, Bing webmaster tools also provide help to the webmasters. It provides them a dashboard in which central focus is on how the website or sites are performing and identify the location which needs emphasis. It also tells that what leads the people to come to your site which can also help you to understand that how you can increase your traffic. Their diagnostic test informs the people that what people are searching for and which areas to move next. You also can have notifications to you so that you get yourself updated all the time. You can also check that your site is mobile friendly or not and also you can quickly submit to the Bing so that Bing index your site into its search engine.


Boomerang lets you follow up any email. Schedule email later gets the control of when you receive emails. It is excellent for link building, and you can send many emails anytime together.

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Buffer Seo Tools

It Is a social media sharing platform. It can manage and optimize your social media posts like never before. It is easy to schedule your posts and track the better time for capturing more audience. It makes it easy to maintain a consistent presence on social platforms so that you can build your following. From this application, you can manage all your social platform accounts and write posts when you are free, and it will post them as you plan. It shows a complete overview of how you are trending in social media and which post clicked the user so that you can gather more audience in future.

Buildwith Seo Tools

It is competitive intelligence tool and also used to discover what technology other websites buildwith. They have a database of nearly 20,439+ web technologies. It also provides sales intelligence, and you can also find advance market share information and very useful to keep track of other websites by just giving their domain name on the site of buildwith.

Copyscape Seo Tools

Copyscape serves both as a plagiarism checker tool, and it also checks the article of an essay about its being duplicate. It tells immediately about the originality of the writing. Moreover, it is great to use if your content has been distributed across the web market. In fact, many content writers provide a guarantee to their client that the content they will write will quickly pass through the Copyscape. The point arises that why original content is necessary for your site. The valid logic to this argument is that if your content is found copied which means you violate the copyright so that stolen articles whether you did or not will damage your reputation and will ruin your search engine ranking. Another feature of the Copyscape is that it tells the user if someone plagiarises the content of the user and thus keep your content safe and away from being stolen.

Robots.txt testing tool

Owner uses the robots.txt file, and this file is made to give instructions to the web robots about their site. This is mainly called “The Robots Exclusion Protocol.” If a web robots visit a site, first it checks that if it is allowed to go or not to depend upon the protocol and then it moves in the website. These testing tools check if any URL is blocked and which statements are blocking it and for which user agent. It also provides if the resource for the page is allowed or disallowed. There are many sites which offer this testing such as

  • Google and many others.

Check listing Seo Tools

The local check listing SEO tool provided by checks the local business and how you are available online to your local customers. It helps the local business to find their position in the local traffic. It also checks names, phone number, and zip code. It also analyzes your local business and helps you to make it better towards customer approach.

Google Keyword planner Seo Tools

If you are building a new campaign for network search or want to expand your existing ones, then Google Keyword planner is your workshop. It gives you plan about the web campaigns and also provides performance insights. The major role of it is to provide you Keyword ideas By giving you historical statistics. You can also see how a list of keywords might perform. .It also helps you to decide competitive bids and budgets to use with your campaigns.

Google Snippet optimization tool(SERP) Seo Tools

This tool is used to see how your snippet may appear in the Google search engine results. SEOMOFO provides an awesome snippet optimization tool and using this tool you can optimize the title content and maximize your click through rate(CTR). It let you strategically construct your page with the proper title and meta description of maximum characters without having dots at the end. This helps you stand out against a strong competitor such as any official website or Wikipedia where you seem very difficult to outrank them. In those cases, the best practice is to make your site’s listing best and show yourself more inviting as possible.

Ninja Internet Marketing tool Seo Tools

The Ninja’s are some of the best SEO’s and internet marketing company out in the market. They offer many eye catching tools with good efficiency to users for free of cost. They give tools which provide a broken link, redirect and site crawl tools. They also present image and link analyzer tool which tells the sizes of images on your website. They also provide On page optimization tool; also they offer side by side SEO comparison tool, Meta tag generator tool, Robots text generator tool, Search combination tool, Page speed tool, Header checker tool, Search engine comparison tool and internal link binding WordPress plugin. According to my point of view, they provide whole  SEO tools package to the users.Moreover, they provide some other tools like password generator tool, DNS lookup tool and much more which I am unable to discuss here.

Linkstant Seo Tools

Linkstant tool is a very nifty tool which alerts/inform you about anytime someone links your website. It is an important tool for intelligence gathering and outreach. There are many benefits of using this tool such as; you can use Linkstant to keep your link building team motivated.You can also know if the content is getting hot in social media. Also, you can find reviews immediately from the link which can be both positive and negative.


A free and open source web analytics and it has no data storage limit. The dashboard of Piwik provides you with the list of keywords, their visits as well as the unique visits. It also shows you visitors in real time with their country. Additionally, it also informs you about the browser of the visitors. You can manage your multiple sites at the same time with it.Piwik also provides a list of the external websites.It also includes plenty of widgets that you can add to your dashboard. As it is a web analytic, therefore it gives data in the form of chart and tables whose report can be sent to you in pdf or HTML format daily, weekly and monthly. The premium version of this tool has more features but is not freely available.


Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO tool available in the market. It gives a massive index and well-prepared anchor text distribution charts. The features include Keyword research, content research, link building and web monitoring.This tool crawls 6 billion web pages daily, and they have index size of 12 trillion known links. Ahrefs has 200 million root domains, 3 trillion identified URLs, powered by 20 petabytes of storage and 15,000 CPU cores. These stats are enough to talk about the largeness of this tool, and I hope that you will find it better.

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