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Is Entrepreneurship worth more than a Job?


Is Entrepreneurship worth more than a Job?

You may have seen many Entrepreneurs or you may be working for them. The amazing question arises in someone mind is that should I go for a job or Entrepreneurship. However, It has been observed that most of the humans opt for a job as compared to the other way.The main reason for people doing more job is that they prefer stability over instability.
Stability refers to the paycheck after every month. However, in the startups, you never know that when you will get your first pay. There is another side of the story which is quite amazing, the perks of a startup is that they have to work on their own dream. When they work on their own dream with passion and integrity, they can get more perks than the employees and will enjoy more betterment in their own lives. As well as Entrepreneurs have the advantage of becoming the life changer for many others.

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The job can give you stability as well as can have you work less than a company founder, but you will have to accept the order of your boss blindly. Whereas, when you do Entrepreneurship you can be your own boss and have your own decisions. When you do a job, you become bound to them. If you want to learn about other things but your company would not let you go as they have hired you for the accomplishment of their dreams, not your dreams. For the accomplishment of their dreams what you get is a stable monthly payment.

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Whereas, in Entrepreneurship, you work day and night even working many more hours then a job holder. But, at the end, you required many years to fulfill your dream. However, but at the end, you can be Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma, and many other people. In company working as an Employee, you are their “Expense”. The company spends a lot of money to you. Although, things like machinery, goods, farms, property, software, animals are their Assets. So, ask anybody who does you love more your expense or your asset?
According to the fact, the Entrepreneurship is higher in developing countries as well as the developed nation. As there are no developed countries in 25 most Entrepreneurial countries.  The major reason behind this is that in developing nations, there are a lot of opportunities.  The other thing to remember that according to the founder of Amazone

“ The opportunity lies in the challenges, the harder is the challenge, the bigger will be an opportunity.”

In this way, if you are willing to go with your own idea in developed countries then you have to make yourself brave to challenge the bigger difficulties. Otherwise, you should switch back to the job. The other important thing that differs job from startups is the investment. No doubt, investment has a great impact on the business and you have to find ways to have the investment which can be in the shape of loans, selling shares or can be taken from relatives.On the other hand, for having a job the only thing require is skill and passion for working with others.
So, do you want to be a job holder or job creator? It’s up to you.   
Article Credit: Moeed Azhar – A Computer Science Student

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