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Resize and Compress Images With Image Resizer 

Image Resizer

Resize and Compress Images With Image Resizer

Hello Guys, Today we will talk about image image resizer and the information regarding it. So first let’s talk about what image is and what is the science behind it.You guys know that most of the objects in the world have some height and width, this is the same scenario regarding the image. They have width and height, which in computer terms divided into pixels. A pixel can be understood by dividing the complete picture into the small boxes and take each box as a pixel just like a matrix.

 So with and height defines the image like if you have height and width of the picture both is one, then in the given situation you have only one pixel. Let’s look into other example and now you have both height and width is three now you will have only 3 pixels. The other important thing is space which has become a huge problem for many people which want fewer size people.

The demand of lesser size picture has primary reason that it requires small memory space and people can save their space of the drive. I came to know about individuals who are in search of picture resizer software because they want to apply for some application on the web site which limits the size of uploaded image. The one of the most important thing that you should remember is the quality of the picture. You may have noticed this thing that higher quality images have larger sizes as compared to lower quality images.

Without moving straight to the definition of image let me tell you about the computer memory unit. The smallest memory unit of the computer is a bit which can be referred same as of grams in our daily life. One bit image can be imagined as one piece of information. So let’s move on to the bit depth of the image which is an amount of bits consumed per pixel.

The higher the bit depth is, the more is the size of the picture. For example, your image has 24 bit-depths then it means that it has 24 pieces of information stored per pixel. The larger bit-depth pictures contain more colors and have high definition quality just like you see videos of 720p/1080p. In a nutshell, you can reduce your image size by reducing its height,  width,  bit-depth, and resolution.

Now the bigger and most vital question is how we can reduce our image size with Image Resizer. There are many ways for an online user to reduce the picture size online. There are a bunch of sites available online which can reduce your image size. For example:

  • Compressimage.toolur.com
  • Reduceimages.com
  • Imagesmaller.com

They all are good sites, and you can take benefit of them, but some times they become a mess due to their ads. I will suggest you an offline and better way most of the users use Windows operating system so they can use paint and can easily reduce the width and height of their photo. Another way is that many software are also available and you can resize your image through them quickly without any problem.     

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